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latest work

This years latest work can be found via this page. By clicking the sentences below you will be directed to the latest work placed on this web site. There is a button called " latest work " located under each new item on this web site, and clicking that button will bring you right back to this page. As an example you can click the gray button below:
latest work

latest work

• 07-4-2013 sand sculpture Oceanco
• 26-1-2013 web site renewed

• 14-1-2013 Illustration for CG Challenge
• 14-1-2013 CD design Lorenzo
• 14-1-2013 CD design Kettel
• 14-1-2013 CD design Aureole
• 14-1-2013 fantasy sculpture in clay: Face from a tree
• 14-1-2013 fantasy sculpture in clay: Fish
• 26-2-2013 artist impressions
• 26-2-2013 scientific illustration

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