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Centipede offers a versatile range of artworks. Most of the work is figurative and always has a well cared and personal character. Centipede is specialized in making illustrations, sculptures and printed matter. Centipede has close and personal contact with printing offices and bronze casting company's in China and can therefore offer printing matter and sculptures in edition for a good price. The company is established in 2002 by Jeroen Advocaat.

Short product descriptions and a biography from Jeroen Advocaat follow at the bottom of this page. The following chapters can therefore also be clicked:

• illustration & printed matter
• sculptures & business gifts
• biography Jeroen Advocaat


Illustration & printed matter

The Illustrations made by Centipede are spacious and colorful. Thanks to many years of experience, photographs and 3D models the illustrations are realistic or surrealistic in nature. Therefore they are suitable to visualize real situations or situations that for now only exist as a concept.

Centipede takes care of the final digital design makes all files ready for printing.

The deadline and price are made clear before starting an assignment. And during the creating process you will be kept up to date via @-mail regularly. This way you can always influence the design until it is finished.

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printed matter centipede

book covers and illustrations


sculptures & business gifts

The sculptures Centipede creates are realistic or surrealistic in nature. In human models there is a lot of attention for the correct anatomy. In architectural designs it is about ri them and proportion. And in free work Jeroen searches for a combination between organic and architectural elements. In sand sculptures or sculptures in bronze it's about light and contrast while other sculptures are bright fully painted in colors.

Centipede makes sculptures in plastics, bronze and sand. Moulds are being created to reproduce sculptures in edition. The sculptures are made for private collectors and companies that present them as business gifts .Centipede also creates pedestals in granite or marble.

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sculptures centipede

bronze sculptures and sculptures from clay


biography jeroen advocaat

self portret jeroen advocaatJeroen Advocaat (1977) makes the illustrations and sculptures for Centipede. In june 1999 he graduated as illustrator and medical illustrator from art academy Minerva in The Netherlands. After graduation he was working as a computer animator for the company Tiktak multimedia in The Netherlands. In 2002 he started Centipede.

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